Guidelines and Policies For Visiting Our School

Scotts A+ Elementary Cafeteria & General School Visitation Policy For All Parents, Guardians & Guests:

  1.  ALL parents/guardians/family members MUST check in and check out in the main office as a visitor on the designated computer. 
  1.  According to school policy that protects student privacy, students other than your own children are  NOT allowed to sit with you and your child during breakfast or lunch visits or during assemblies unless we have a signed note from their parents/guardians giving them permission to sit with you and your child.  Please do NOT ask other students to sit with you and your child, and please sit only at the parent table with your child during breakfast or lunch visits. 
  1.  Any use of cellphones or any other devices for photo taking or video making on any child other your own child is against the law and strictly prohibited. 
  1. Parents/guardians/family members who are visiting our school or our cafeteria are NOT allowed to speak with or interact with any student other than your own child unless we have we have a signed note from their parents/guardians giving them permission for you to speak or interact with their child.  The only exception to this policy is when a parent/guardian/family member is volunteering in the classroom or on a field trip and that person has passed through Iredell-Statesville Schools security clearance process.  Scotts Elementary staff members and/or administration reserve the right to intervene and remove children away from visiting parents/guardians/family members who are interacting with other students without permission. 
  2.  All parents/guardians/family members/friends of students MUST pass clearance through Iredell-Statesville Schools in order to participate in field trips or volunteer in classrooms.
  3. All parents/guardians/family members are hereby notified that if any of these policies or guidelines are not followed, the person or persons in violation  will be asked by the Principal (or the Principal's designee) or by law enforcement to leave and not return to the school campus.  All parents/guardians/family members are further notified that the Principal or the Principal's designees reserves the right to close the cafeteria or any other area of our school building or campus to any and all visitors to preserve the safety of all students.